Development of Quaternary InAlGaN Barrier Layer for High Electron Mobility Transistor Structures

Work by J. Jorudas et al. was recently published in the MDPI Materials journal reporting about the development of high electron mobility transistor structures based on quaternary lattice matched InAlGaN barrier layer.

The thorough study on the morphological, optical and electrical properties of the layers is accomplished aiming towards application for microwave power and terahertz plasmonic devices.

The paper is open access and is available through the link:

The work was supported by the Research Council of Lithuania under the “TERAGANWIRE” project (Grant No. S-LL-19-1), by the National Science Center of Poland (Grant No. 2017/27/L/ST7/03283), by “International Research Agendas” program of the Foundation for Polish Science co-financed by the EU under the European Regional Development Fund (Nos. MAB/2018/9), and partially supported by the Polish National Center for Research and Development through projects No. WPC/20/DefeGaN/2018 and No. TECHMATSTRATEG-III/0003/2019.