Research on nanometer- thin pyrolyzed-carbon film on silicon nitride membrane is published

The new research paper by Justinas Jorudas et al. just recently was published in the journal Nanotechnology by IOP Publishing. The study reports on one of the first successful attempts to layer down the nm-scale-thick graphitic film on the wide-spectral-range transparent membrane. The results are promising in the field of development of broadband barometric radiation detectors.

Schematic in transmission geometry and transmission in THz rage and optical properties versus sheet resistance. Jorudas et al., Nanotechnology 35 (2024) 305705.

The work is a result of fruitful collaboration between researchers in Center of Photonics Research, University of Eastern Finland, University of Pisa and Istitutute Nanoscienze in Italy and THz Photonics Laboratory at Center for Physical Sciences and Technology in Lithuania.

Full free access paper is available here.